It is a candy –with no sugar- eleborated from Hidrogenated and hidrolized starch. This candy is a natural one.this is an advantage from chemical sweetens. It has no aspartame, no asesulfame and no fenilananine.

This hidrolized of hidrogenated starch wich DulSin is elaborated from has the sensation of sweetness. Since it is eliminated from the body as starch the body avoids to metabolized it as sugar. For this reason it has less calories than a common candy and does not produces caries.

The hidrogenated and hidrolized starch was analized by the diabetics asociation from distrito federal. Now it is known and used as food or candies and it is recommended by the guadalajara and the leon, guanajuato associations.

It is presented in single packages in four different flavours in bags of 20 pieces. This bag have nutrimental facts and a bar code. The flavours are: coffee, menthol, chlorophyll and fruits.
DulSin Coffee:

Hydrolized hydrogenated starch, cofee extract, cofee essence,vegetable eatable fat, artifitial coloring and flavored, cofee flavor.

DulSin Menthol:

Hydrolized hydrogenated starch, citric acid, menthol essence, artifitial coloring and flavored, green: combined: yellow number 5, blue number 1. Menthol flavor.

DulSin Chlorophyll:

Hydrolized hydrogenated starch, citric acid, chlorophyl, natural flavor, chlorophyl flavor.

DulSin Fruits:

Hydrolized hydrogenated starch, citric acid, artifitial coloring and flavored. Red number 5, yellow number 5, yellow number 6, green: combined.yellow number 5 and blue number 1.

Size of portion: 1 piece (4,3g ).
Portions per bag: 20
Quantity per portion
Energetic content: 68kj (16 kcal)
  % D.R.I.*
Total fat 0g 0%
Sodium 0mg 0%
Total carbohydrates 4 g
     From this :
Sugar 1 g  
Protein 0 g  
   * Percentages of Daily Recommended Ingest (DRI) are based on a 2,000 kilocalories diet.